PAKLINE GROUP – is a group of companies, that are working in the field of logistics services. Namely, KORSA, EXPRESS MOTO, KUB D24, KITEXPRESS and TM PAKLINE Logistics. Each company that is part of the PAKLINE GROUP specialises in a different field of supply chain management.

PAKLINE GROUP – provide complex logistics solutions on the Ukrainian market. The companies part of PAKLINE GROUP continuously develop extensive capabilities to fulfil changing demands and requirements of our clients. To deliver high quality services, PAKLINE GROUP invest in innovative technologies, software and equipment.

PAKLINE GROUP – is a 3PL provider that integrates physical assets into complex logistics solutions allowing a non-stop operation for our clients in Ukraine every day.

PAKLINE GROUP creates a tailor-made solution for every customer. We are aiming to deliver service to your requirements while being agile, flexible and highly responsive to a short-notice requests. PAKLINE LOGISTICS is a partner you can rely on.

Companies in PAKLINE GROUP have more than 20 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management. PAKLINE GROUP offers a wide spectrum of services including fulfilment & warehousing, transportation, last mile and courier services. Large high street retailer or small e-commerce shop, here at PAKLINE GROUP we can offer you a comprehensive supply chain support at an affordable price.

Our clients are leading Ukrainian and Global brands. At PAKLINE GROUP we deliver logistics services of the highest quality allowing our customers to focus on developing and managing their businesses while leaving all the logistics to us. Long term partnerships and an individual approach allow PAKLINE GROUP to deliver solutions that help our clients to succeed on the challenging Ukrainian market.

PAKLINE GROUP – on a daily basis deliver high level of service that reflects the rigorous requirements of our customers. PAKLINE GROUP is a highly diversified 3PL operator with a physical presence in all areas of distribution allowing customers to benefit from a single point of contact and competitive pricing.

Our approach at PAKLINE GROUP

  • individual approach for each customer;
  • implementation of the advanced technologies across the PAKLINE GROUP;
  • ongoing investments into operational efficiency, safety and security;
  • strict focus on corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
Our approach at PAKLINE GROUP

Our capabilities:

  • Complete logistics solutions, 3PL for business of any size
  • Consulting services in areas of logistics and supply chain
  • Fulfilment & Warehousing
  • Courier services in Ukraine and Worldwide
  • Full load or part-load Transportation in Ukraine, Europe, CIS
  • Chilled Distribution for pharma and FMCG
  • Last Mile Delivery Nationwide day-to-day, next-day