Supply chain in each industry has it’s own challenges and unique needs. Our role is to listen to the customer and develop a bespoke solution that will make operations simpler, easier and cheaper as well as fulfil it’s needs. The highly experienced PAKLINE GROUP team has all it takes to help your business to thrive.

Our services include:

- Warehouse sourcing

- Warehouse planning

- Storage solutions

- Capacity evaluation

- Development and integration of digital communications

- Inbound and outbound logistics

- Labelling, sortation, packing and despatch

- Grouping and re-packaging

- Bespoke packaging and labelling per unit or carton

- Quality control of inbound products and returns

- Cross-docking nationwide

- Same-day and next-day last-mile delivery nationwide

- Returns management

- Development of SOP and KPIs in accordance with SLA

- Productivity audit

- Development and implementation of innovative solutions

Our services include:

We implement integrations between your ERP system and our WMS to automatically receive orders from you and inform you of changes in the stock level.


We offer the following grouping and bundling services for you:

- group multiple products of same SKU in one package

- bundle multiple products of different SKUs in one package

- add marketing materials in each package

- personalisation of packaging with products for each customer


We can create a bespoke solution for you through using our capabilities and adapting to your needs

Solutions for retailers:

  • Inventory level monitoring and SKU management
  • Automatization and digitalisation of the warehouse management processes
  • Our capabilities allow us to fulfil orders even during high season with peak demand and promotional campaigns.
  • Tight quality control minimizing the risk of despatch errors


Our specialists can design custom warehouse processes for customers’ individual needs ensuring optimal efficiency is achieved.