PAKLINE Logistics offer services to audit and optimise you supply chain.

We offer:

  • consulting in the area of logistics and supply chain by industry experts and highly regarded practitioners
  • development and implementation of a bespoke supply chain for your needs
  • development of fully integrated solutions
  • audit of your current supply chain and proposal of optimisations and cost-effective solutions
  • logistics solutions to minimise costs and improve quality of service in the areas of inventory management, picking and packing, last miles delivery and implementation of complex IT systems such as TMS,WMS,CVRS.


PAKLINE Logistics offer services to audit and optimise you supply chain.

Our consultation services cover:

  • Audit and evaluation of your supply chain
  • Strategy and development of your distribution chain
  • Scheduling and planning distribution activity according to your needs
  • Planning of manhours and labour according to your needs
  • Warehouse planning
  • Development policy for inventory management
  • Integration of IT systems
  • Optimisations of your delivery fleet operations
  • Valuation of your logistics costs
  • Audit and support with documentation flow
  • Development of business cases, analysis and implementation
  • Evaluation and development of supply chain
  • Optimisation of supply chain

Careful analysis and deep expertise in the field, allow us to significantly reduce the costs of logistics and improve efficiency of your operations. We pay extra attention even to the smallest details to ensure that we don’t miss any area of importance to you.

Our clients - leading companies in their industries, with their unique needs and requirements in supply chain. Such companies are: Imperial Tobacco Ukraine, Delta Medical, Avon Cosmetics Ukraine, Oriflame Ukraine, Foxtrot, Comfy Trade, Royal Canin Ukraine, Epicentr, Acustica, Lactalis Ukraine and others.

Trust professionals to manageme your supply chain.

We create bespoke solutions for companies wishing to optimise their resources, maximise delivery fleet efficiency and ensure a robust non-stop delivery process.