Your logistics partner

PAKLINE GROUP – is a 3PL operator who offer services nationwide to high street and online retailers, small and large firms who wish to optimise their costs and focus on their core activity. Amongst our wide client base are Ukrainian and international companies with different requirements in logistics support and needs. Let have a look at solutions we provide to our clients:

Our logistics solutions:

  • Agile logistics models that can rapidly adapt for the changing market
  • Tailored made warehouse and transport logistics for individual needs of each customer
  • Same-day or next-day delivery to any point in Ukraine
  • Effective management of your warehouse and transport resources through our WMS and TMS
  • Monitoring and reporting of the key transport and warehouse logistics KPIs

We provide last-mile delivery services with time slots that is especially challenging in the busy urban environment. Each of our delivery vehicles is designed to make over 30 drops on it’s route daily, 10 of which should be delivered before lunch time. Such a task is solved with the use of our digital planning tools and TMS.

Careful planning allows us to use our resources and assets in the most effective way ensuring all drops are made on-time. Our delivery drivers can cover up to 40 drops with different delivery slots daily.

Management and control of the delivery operations is conducted through use of IT solutions and installed on every vehicle is GPS tracking. Delivery status is updated automatically, that minimises driver workload and boost work efficiency.

Our delivery fleet

The quality and quantity of our delivery fleet is of a paramount importance to a robust delivery process. To ensure we deliver products on-time, securely and safely we employ a modern fleet of clean and fit for purpose vehicles. Careful planning of our routes allows us to achieve vehicle utilisation of up to 80%.

To ensure our delivery fleet is safe and well maintained we have dedicated fleet engineer personnel who service the vehicles to our own exceptional standards.