PAKLINE Logistics is the logistics partner of choice for a leader in the manufacturing and retail of pets food, Royal Canin Ukraine. Royal Canin Ukraine is an international company with a strong focus on quality of service offered by it’s contractors. High sanitary standards, strict on-time performance targets, wide consumer base that requires differentiated level of service- all this and many more aspects make operational condition for logistics providers challenging. Despite all the challenges, PAKLINE Logistics adhere to all the above strict requirements and targets and provide the very best logistics service to Royal Canin Ukraine for a number of years.

PAKLINE Logistics provide a last-mile delivery service to consumes with a variable time slots. This is especially challenging due to the intense road traffic situation in the centres of the cities. As well as these operational conditions, very often vehicles have over 30 delivery stops, 10 of which need to be delivered before noon. To solve this task PAKLINE Logistics use TMS that provide each recipient with a time slot long before delivery will take place allowing each client of Royal Canin Ukraine to plan their daily activity around delivery slot or re-schedule to a more suitable time. Additionally, due to high quality planning and well setup information exchange with Royal Canin Ukraine, we have a chance to inform recipients in advance about changes to delivery slots through the call-centre or messaging services.